Intellectual Orgasm

Posted: June 12, 2009 in Uncategorized

I am presently working on an ERP project, which is currently under implementation in my organization; we call it as LCM project. I am elated being a part of such an important project, which will be the nervous system of the organization once it is live.

We, my friend-cum-colleague Mr. S and I, were selected to coordinate with the vendors and to provide inputs to meet their requirements. This project provided us with enormous exposure to the business practices across different verticals of the organization. I feel delighted thinking the fact that I am also a contributor to the process of formulation of policies and business practices for the organization.

Most of my time is spent on brain storming towards providing solution to seemingly obvious and petite problems. Today our meeting lasted for about 5 hours till 9 pm. During the meeting six of us, the LCM team members, suffered multiple intellectual orgasms. Each one of us wanted to provide one’s own lateral views, and to quench one’s own intellectual thirst. It wasn’t the only day we landed up such marathon meeting but it’s the only day our CEO praised our efforts and declared the discussion a win-win. I really felt delighted, as everyone does when ones efforts are acknowledged.

  1. jlavanya says:

    Now after being in this project for so many days and involved in so many meetings…i just want to know your present status of “intellectual orgasm”. Hope you would soon update me.

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