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There is no denying the fact that Kaushik’s Tere Sang is inspired from Jason Reitman’s Juno, both featuring sizzling topic of teen pregnancy. But, Tere Sang has its own Indian flavour with non-pragmatic story, making a big mockery of realism.

Kaushik has taken; I would have said stolen, but any way; well proven formula of young couple running away from their home and setting up their dwelling at a hill station, as in Dil and Kayamat Se Kayamat Tak. But, Kaushik has overlooked few minor things, which if addressed could have made the movie more pragmatic. Like converting a wrecked house, which wasn’t dwelled for five years, into a livable one with furniture and crockery within no time and with no money.  A couple making a lavish living out of wages of a daily worker, which I presume should not be more than Rs 100 per day. Doctor doesn’t inquiring about the age of a patient, when the patient looks in her teens and is all the more pregnant.

I really wonder when will Bollywood directors will grow up and start making pragmatic and sensible movies, keeping in their clogged mind fine and minor details. Moreover, when will they start taking educated and sensible audience seriously.

Leaving the movie aside and coming to the issue of teen-pregnancy. There is no denying the fact that the Indian teen is still skeptical about pregnancy and contraceptives. Sex is still a taboo in bourgeois Indian society. Is this due to lack of proper adolescence education program (AEP), a mere euphemism for sex education?

Sex (education) is not a topic of living room discussion in Indian house hold. A glimpse of contraceptive ads featured on our television makes both teens to fumble with remote or roll their eyes in the company of parents. Moreover, these adds generally targets and feature adults not teens. May be because, in this capitalist world where everyone is after market share, the companies making contraceptives doesn’t find teens as less profitable customers.

Present day teens under the influence of television and internet generally get exposed to widespread adult-content, and out of curiosity try to imitate and experiment the same. Sometimes such experiments proves fatal resulting in teen-pregnancies and subsequent abortions.

The question is what’s the solution? In answer to this, I would like to quote – “Partial knowledge is dangerous”.

The solution is a two step approach. Firstly, it is required to formulate a well framed and complete AEP to educate teens about human anatomy, child-birth, psychological and social impacts of teen-pregnancy, type and modes of contraceptives, and harmful impact of overuse of contraceptives. Secondly, a right mode of communication is required to impart this knowledge to the teens in a manner that their sensitive mind can comprehend with it. For this a collective and shared effort from both patents and teachers is required.

Coming back to Tere Sang, I don’t thing it is advisable for teens to experiment with sex, when unaware of its repercussions, and run from home to be parents. Parenthood is a gift of God, but at a right time and after proper maturity. Parenthood has its own socio-economic and psychological association, and it’s a question of a living being, which hasn’t opened its eyes yet.  Life is not a movie, which ends in three hours; it’s much more than and not as simple as it seems on 17 mm film. It is advisable to teens to be careful with their sexual escapades.