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The Auspicious Rain

Posted: October 1, 2009 in dreams, happiness, Love, Romance, youth

Rain was at its pinnacle that day. I left my apartment, half drenched, criticizing my own decision of not buying an umbrella previous day. I anyhow managed to reach the cab spot, and stayed under a tree to keep myself as dry as I can. I was cursing the ominous untimely rain and the cab driver for not being on time. I was annoyed by unsuccessful attempts of keeping myself dry, while scratching sound of passing vehicles were contributing to my agony. Finally, the sight of the silver TATA Indica and its blinking right indicator light brought my agony to rest. I hopped in the cab the very second it came to rest on its wheels.

Reaching my destination, I hurried into the building to save the embarrassment of wearing a shirt gone translucent. Running down the stairs, I saw her, The Window Girl, she was there sitting at her spot. Her fingers were rapidly tapping on her keyboard, in a way a pianist plays her piano. I only saw her frail but determine fingers, as I was in a hurry. Thankfully, she didn’t notice me and I anyhow managed to save the embarrassment. I rushed to the men’s room and dried myself up to an extent I can and was ready to take my routine delighting journey down the stairs.

While moving down the stairs, slower than normal as I didn’t want to disturb her or you can say I wanted to buy more time for my eyes. That experience was different that usual, she was looking different; I don’t know whether it was my own perception or she really was. My eyes were entangled in her unclipped wet hairs, which were running down along her face partially resting on her soldiers. Those fibrils of silk were entangled and cuddled against each other, symbolizing a union of departed souls. I just noticed a fibril, which was resting against her cheeks, but was hindering her sight. She, being unaware of my presence, in a very delicate swing of her right hand moved the fibril and tucked it along her right ear. This innocent act of her took my attention to her cam and composed face; she was still busy with her work. She looked gorgeous to me, either out of her simplicity, or my eyes were biased. 

Lost in her beauty, I couldn’t realize that I was on the last stair and was about to fall out of my own negligence. I any how averted the fall, moved to my place. At that moment, I again asked the same question, “Why do we have limited stairs?”

Anyhow, that seemingly ominous rain had made me an auspicious day. Will I be able to curse rain again?