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What else one need than a reclining chair by the side of a beach and a mug of chilled beer? Some of you may say a hot blonde; well keep your perverted minds out for a while. Chilled beer coupled with the tender blows of sea breeze will give you shivers down your spine and you feel like walking on the air. The soothing sound of the vibrant sea waves feels nothing less than a symphony. The experience is heightened when you are in the company of your best pals. There is no denying the fact that the moments are picture perfect and the experience can only be called in Barney Stinson words as legendary.

In this moment of bliss, whether it is the alcohol or the charm of the breeze, you can’t resist your mind wandering and portraying pictures of your seemingly glorious future. In this picturesque portrayal you own a beach house. The picture of the beach house is complete with a barbeque, wherein you cook your own catch. A pool table, a minibar, a heated pool, a mini golf course and a sports car adds few more stars to your beach house.

Such a mind blowing photo of the perfect house eventually starts turning into that of the dream home and you starts missing that someone special or may be many more specials. You start missing the tender touch, the soothing smell, and those intimate moments of yours. You are then absorbed by the comforting imagination of a walk down the beach with sea waves gently playing with bare feet of you both. You close your eyes to make the moment an eternal one, guess what, you see that someone right there ready to embrace you with her open arms. She looks like an angle bearing her loving smile, with her silk like hairs flowing with the breeze. You just extent your hands to touch her and realises that she is not there. You start missing her more. This missing is the most engrossing feeling having tints of desire, love, pleasure, helplessness, and many more complex emotions experienced by us mortals. Such bouquet of mixed feelings brings a smile on your face with a streak of sadness within. The feeling of sadness disguised within the smile makes you crave more, but out of your helplessness you end up quenching your thirst with that leftover beer.