Music Box

Posted: September 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

Music Box poses an interesting dilemma: what If your parent was guilty of a horrific crime, will you not do everything to defend that parent? Ann Talbot faces this problem when her father Michael Lazlo is being charged with war crimes during World War II in Hungary. Despite pleas from her co-workers, friends and even the prosecuting attorney (Frederic Forrest), Ann pushes on to defend her father. But as the trial progresses and the witnesses testify, Ann begins to have serious doubts as to her father’s doubts.

The most heart-breaking scene is when Ann finds out just how horrible her father truly is. When she retrieves a music box that was left in a pawn shop by a now deceased friend, she finds the proof of her father’s guilt. The look on Ann’s face says it all: her father had betrayed her and that he is truly a monster. Thought Ann has really done justice to the daughter father relation by standing by the side of her father when he is in need. But, what if father turns out to be a monster?

The film shows a dilemma of Ann to follow the path of morality and humanitarianism or to be a good daughter. Everyone one of us loves our parents, but sometimes we have to go against our own parents to establish truth and justice, that’s what the  Ann did when acted against his own father. The films shows how a killer who kills in blood can present himself as a normal citizen and kelp on telling lies to his own daughter.


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