Matrabhumi – A nation without women

Posted: September 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

Matrabhumi, a film by Manish Jha, shows us a glimpse how the nation would be if the current rate of abortions and female infanticides continues. The firm touches various social variables like sex and caste. It presents several social issues like female infancies by being drowning girl child in milk, gang-rape, serial rape, a Hindu priest engaging in a homosexual affair, incest, polygamous marriage, human slaughter, etc.

The film shows the brutality that women suffers in men dominated society where they are treated as medium of satisfying sexual desires and producing children, and forced to do household work. The film also shows how a father sells off his daughter by marrying her to five men for five lakh rupees and later he collected another lakh more when he found that the father in law is also sleeping with his daughter. This shows an unbelievable picture of father who made money out of his daughter plight. The shows that how comes into play and a women is declared impure when she ran away with a man of lower caste. Then politics of double standards comes into play. Where on one hand an impure woman was not allowed inside the house and is tied to the pole in the cow shed in highly inhuman conditions, but the men kept on visiting the same impure women to satisfying their sexual hunger. The film shows how a brother can kill his own blood brother just out of jealousy.

The has made me really think about the declining sex wherein even today we don’t enough women to couple with every men. If the trend of female infanticides continues then a nations without women is not a distant reality. The issue is thought provoking as if there will not be any women the human race will eventually come to a tragic end. This movie, despite exposing injustices excellently, is a bit perverted and disgusting. I feel that instead of giving standing ovations and applauding these horrible practices in our air-conditioned homes and theatres, we need to get out and stop this once and for all.


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