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Bangalore Diary

Posted: June 10, 2011 in happiness
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I have already been to Bangalore once, that was for an official trip for just a couple of days. The trip was one among the few of my official trips to South Indian cities including Hyderabad, Chennai, and Mumbai, if you count it along. I had heard a lot about Bangalore from my any-branch-B.Tech-working-in-IT friends, now it was time to experience on my own. During my this first visit, I was impressed by the Bangalore’s infrastructure, especially the Airport and the road connecting it to the main city. But, the joy of that that infrastructural eye soothing experience ended when I got stuck up in a traffic jam. The agony got intensified when I asked driver to put on some Hindi or English song to kill time, you could guess his reply to this scrimpy request of mine. Due this very short visit, I could only meet  one friend, he asked me to come to some Garuda Mall. The Garuda Mall was such a disappointment, both in terms of its food court and crowd, also it ended as soon as it started. As was accustomed to visiting Great India Palace Mall in Noida, and Delhi-NCR crowd, you know what I mean. The return journey from office to Airport was even worse, I just not only got stuck up in the traffic jam but the cab driver took some of my already-late-for-flight time for petrol refill and his own pleasure of peeing.

I got a mixed opinion from my other friends with  whom, I later discussed my Bangalore visit, though some of them were furious for not meeting or calling them. Some of them said, it takes time to settle, once you are, you would fall in love with the city. Another opinion came about the difference of being in Northern and Southern part of Bangalore. As I have been to northern part, people said southern part has more of North Indian feel to it.

Now after about one year, I have to live here in Bangalore for two months for internship. I got accommodated in IIM B for two reasons one you can get ultra-high speed internet (Indian Standard) for free and second there were others lost souls like me one the campus. Initial one week was such a pain in the arse, the toughest part was the hunt for right mode of public transport to my office, 10 KM away. I was accustomed to Delhi’s blue buses, wherein the conductors could come and call you from your home, if he could and the Delhi metro, where you can easily find a map (written both in Hindi and English) on any metro station. The nemesis for the first week was the Bus plates having inscription in Kannada, and ready-to-loot auto drivers. Sometime I wonder , when the Karnataka government is trying to promote Bangalore why not used a second language, here I would promote English as a second language because I know a mere mention of Hindi would create a political debacle. My arguments is fortified by the ever rising number of immigrants in Bangalore from other state.

However, when I got settled in the second week, the first thing about Bangalore which I fall in love with is its weather, it’s all like a one big central air condition for the whole city. I would say it’s the best metro city in India to spend your summers in. Also, the IIMB is situated at such a strategic location that you could find everything just with a kilometer to two; good food, multiplexes, malls and places to chill. The life is good in Bangalore provided you are in a good company of people, which I were in at IIMB. The factor which weigh more over other is that you could have sound peaceful sleep in the prime summer month of May without installing an AC, which I could never have experienced in Delhi. People here in Bangalore are friendly and once you know how to deal with auto-drivers; a small tip here never ask autowalas how much they will charge just tell the destination and hop in, he would automatically resort to meter. I was happy to be in Bangalore as I was staying in Kozhikode and there are no good places to have fun here in Kozhikode, were I am back again.

Now, I would agree to the friend of mine who told me, it takes some time to settle in Bangalore, but once you are settled you would love the city. I don’t know whether this statement is true for all new cities or just the Bangalore. I like Bangalore and I would  miss IIMB, KFC, Subway, McD, Purple Haze, Hyderabadi Biryani, Cinepolis, Gopalan Cinemas, M.G. Road, Church Street, and above all the city Bangalore.