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Posted: January 26, 2011 in dreams, happiness, uncetainty

कुछ खालीपन है, कुछ अकेलापन भी,

शायद किसी का इंतज़ार है, पर किसका

उस रेत का जो कभी हाथ मे न टिकी

उस लहर का जो कभी तट के ऊपर न उठी

पर कब तक, आखिर कब तक

खालीपन मे अपनी गहराई हैं, आकाश की तरह

एक खाई है, पर्वत की उचाई है

आगे जाना है और जीना है, बस यही जिंदिगी है


While chatting with a friend over gtalk, I came to know that he has just got into a relationship and he has a girlfriend. The world girlfriend excited me and my inquisitive mind started digging deep into his relationship. How they met (a new series is in pipeline 🙂 ), what she does, what’s her name, blah blah, were some of the questions, I bombarded him with. After chatting for a while, I came to the conclusion that my dear friend had gone; he has become a victim of so-called incurable disease called “LOVE”. Not only he has become a victim but also he is senti (common college slang for sentimental) over her. He denied my conclusion of being senti arguing that he is not a rona-dhone (crying-cribbing) type of guy and he isn’t senti over her. Later during the course of the discussion and after a series of arguments, he confessed that he is confused about being senti. In order to get his mind out of his dilemma, I put him through my proprietary so-called “Senti–Test”.

Friends before taking you through the Senti-test, let me first make the meaning of the word senti associated with the Senti-test clear. Here senti doesn’t mean you are gone crazy, or you are mad in love. Neither does it mean you are a rona-dhone type of person, nor does it means you are going to kill someone for her. Senti here means that the roots of the relation (even one-sided) are so deep that, if you are separated (I don’t like to use the word break-up), for what ever the reason, which I pray senti people should not, you will take considerable time to get over her, provided the void is not filled up with an alternative (friends notice the word alternative). This considerable time may vary from three months to entire lifetime.

So folks let me take you through the Senti-test. In this test you have to answer few questions keeping in mind the cute face of her, which you always find cute, even if she isn’t cute at all :P. The situations described in these questions may not be applicable to you, or you may not have faced them yet, if so, try to put yourself into these situation and answer these questions truly.

 Question 1: Do you think about her before going to bed or while in bed before falling asleep on a daily basis?

 Question 2: Do you anticipate a call from her even if you know that the person cannot or will not call you at that very hour?

 Question 3: Do you think of growing old with her (old here doesn’t mean growing octogenarian, but you think and imagine yourself with her 10 years down the life)? A typical dream can be you both sitting on a sofa hand in hand (rest you may imagine yourself) watching movie on a home theater, munching popcorn in a glass walled apartment.

Question 4: Do you feel offended when someone, generally your friends, calls her hottie, sexy, babe or anaphrodisiac, ugly?

Question 5: Do you feel bad or sad when she talks of some other guy in your presence or when you come to know that she was talking of someone else?

Question 6: Does your heartbeat increases on just a mention of her name or when you sometimes catch a glimpse of her or during a causal handshake? This generally happens when you have just met someone special. For those who are at a bit of higher comfort level with her, there heartbeat will increase during other intense interactions such as a hug or a kiss?

Question 7: Do you wake up at night while dreaming (or while having a nightmare :D) of her and you find yourself all sweaty?

So guys if your answer to the majority of the first six question is affirmative, then you are totally and truly senti over her. So folks those who haven’t expressed their feeling yet, please do it considering the situation as an SOS, or there is a high probability of getting stuck up in so-called “Good Friend” category. For those who are in internal dilemma and giving a thought over the future of the relationship, stop thinking, she is the One.

But, if your answer to the last question is also affirmative, then rethink; you are moving in a different direction, which may not be categorized as love.

Guys and girls please post your comments. Next post of this series will be for girls on how catch fraudulent guys, who are claiming to be senti over you.

Disclaimer: the contents of this blogpost are not entirely my personal views, the contents can be considered as a collection of views and ideas of lots of people I came across in my life. Even though I have tried to generalize the questions/situations, but if anyone can relate any of the above mentioned questions/situation with their personal experience; I request these people, in advance, to forgive me for any copy right violation. People can post there grievances through a comment or can directly right to me at

The Auspicious Rain

Posted: October 1, 2009 in dreams, happiness, Love, Romance, youth

Rain was at its pinnacle that day. I left my apartment, half drenched, criticizing my own decision of not buying an umbrella previous day. I anyhow managed to reach the cab spot, and stayed under a tree to keep myself as dry as I can. I was cursing the ominous untimely rain and the cab driver for not being on time. I was annoyed by unsuccessful attempts of keeping myself dry, while scratching sound of passing vehicles were contributing to my agony. Finally, the sight of the silver TATA Indica and its blinking right indicator light brought my agony to rest. I hopped in the cab the very second it came to rest on its wheels.

Reaching my destination, I hurried into the building to save the embarrassment of wearing a shirt gone translucent. Running down the stairs, I saw her, The Window Girl, she was there sitting at her spot. Her fingers were rapidly tapping on her keyboard, in a way a pianist plays her piano. I only saw her frail but determine fingers, as I was in a hurry. Thankfully, she didn’t notice me and I anyhow managed to save the embarrassment. I rushed to the men’s room and dried myself up to an extent I can and was ready to take my routine delighting journey down the stairs.

While moving down the stairs, slower than normal as I didn’t want to disturb her or you can say I wanted to buy more time for my eyes. That experience was different that usual, she was looking different; I don’t know whether it was my own perception or she really was. My eyes were entangled in her unclipped wet hairs, which were running down along her face partially resting on her soldiers. Those fibrils of silk were entangled and cuddled against each other, symbolizing a union of departed souls. I just noticed a fibril, which was resting against her cheeks, but was hindering her sight. She, being unaware of my presence, in a very delicate swing of her right hand moved the fibril and tucked it along her right ear. This innocent act of her took my attention to her cam and composed face; she was still busy with her work. She looked gorgeous to me, either out of her simplicity, or my eyes were biased. 

Lost in her beauty, I couldn’t realize that I was on the last stair and was about to fall out of my own negligence. I any how averted the fall, moved to my place. At that moment, I again asked the same question, “Why do we have limited stairs?”

Anyhow, that seemingly ominous rain had made me an auspicious day. Will I be able to curse rain again?

Is satisfaction salvation?

If yes, then what actually satisfaction is?

It’s the big question which has to be answered before even defining salvation.

In order to find a solution to the big question and to quench my intellectual thirst, I started pricking my dormant mechanical half brain. During the course of my intellectual escapade a voice confronted me and before I could determine the origin of the voice, the words of the voice shook me up. The voice was that of my own sensitive second half. It says, “Aman, nothing can satisfy you. You were born unhappy, you lived unhappy and you will die unhappy”.

My mechanical brain wondered how its own counterpart can utter such harsh words. But in the hindsight the mechanical half brain knows in absolute conviction that the statement made by the sensitive half was in its true spirit. Knowing the profoundness of the statement and out of childlike restlessness the mechanical half provided argument to clarify the actual gravity associated with these words. Moreover, the mechanical half wants to justify, as always, the dissatisfaction with logic and reasoning and counter argue the symbiosis established between two big animals “satisfaction” and “happiness”.

In order to prove its point the mechanical brain after applying all permutation combinations tossed a question: is it possible to be happy out of dissatisfaction? This startled the sensitive half.

The mechanical half further added, if one gets satisfied at a meager age of 22 what about hunger to make a difference. What about innovations and zesty living. What if our forefathers were satisfied under Neolithic Age then there would not be any fire. Extrapolating this example to the present era, the mechanical half further added, one might not be enjoying life which one is enjoying today with skyscrapers, supersonic jets and super computers. How can one justify access to plethora of information just by a click of mouse? Just imagine an era without a photocopy machine, and then connect to scene portraying the rush at the photocopier a day before the exam. Had the man who invented photocopies was satisfied with manual copying then the present luxury which most of us enjoy by sleeping or reading Harry Potter in class would have been vanished long ago.

The mechanical brain presented his case under the influence of its own ingrained eternal desires and dreams. For mechanical brain, satisfaction is opposite of desires. I know many of you will not buy this philosophy. I don’t even expect you to do that, but I would like you to make your own and follow the same.

The mechanical brain gave its final blow came saying, “The day one is satisfied and contended, with no more desires and dreams, the very day will be the day of eternal utopia and believe me the very day one will achieve nirvana, but the same day will bring whole word at an stand still. But, then what is the point in living?”

I found my sensitive brain stripped of answers. But the question: Is it possible to be happy out of dissatisfaction, is still open. The mechanical brain is under unending quest of finding an affirmative answer supported by logic and reasons.