Matrabhumi, a film by Manish Jha, shows us a glimpse how the nation would be if the current rate of abortions and female infanticides continues. The firm touches various social variables like sex and caste. It presents several social issues like female infancies by being drowning girl child in milk, gang-rape, serial rape, a Hindu priest engaging in a homosexual affair, incest, polygamous marriage, human slaughter, etc.

The film shows the brutality that women suffers in men dominated society where they are treated as medium of satisfying sexual desires and producing children, and forced to do household work. The film also shows how a father sells off his daughter by marrying her to five men for five lakh rupees and later he collected another lakh more when he found that the father in law is also sleeping with his daughter. This shows an unbelievable picture of father who made money out of his daughter plight. The shows that how comes into play and a women is declared impure when she ran away with a man of lower caste. Then politics of double standards comes into play. Where on one hand an impure woman was not allowed inside the house and is tied to the pole in the cow shed in highly inhuman conditions, but the men kept on visiting the same impure women to satisfying their sexual hunger. The film shows how a brother can kill his own blood brother just out of jealousy.

The has made me really think about the declining sex wherein even today we don’t enough women to couple with every men. If the trend of female infanticides continues then a nations without women is not a distant reality. The issue is thought provoking as if there will not be any women the human race will eventually come to a tragic end. This movie, despite exposing injustices excellently, is a bit perverted and disgusting. I feel that instead of giving standing ovations and applauding these horrible practices in our air-conditioned homes and theatres, we need to get out and stop this once and for all.


Inevitability finally catches up with the new entrants in the Indian Telecom industry. It is a no brainer to see that a market with 15 players will not have space for the bottom rankers. Thus new entrants are beginning to scale down the roll out plans and avoiding reduction of the tariffs further. With 14-15 players jostling for share of the consumer kitty, consolidation is now setting into the Indian Telecom markets. In most circles, only about 6 players continue to sustain market momentum. The Top 6 players account for 90% of the market shares by subscriptions and higher shares by value. The intensity of competition is reducing. Some of the new entrants in the telecoms market have not rolled out networks in many circles despite being granted spectrum. All new entrants – with the exception of Sistema – are under investigation by both the Central Vigilance Commission as well as the Prime Minister’s office for delaying the rollout of their operations. While it has been close to three years since these firms obtained their licenses, Etisalat DB is yet to launch commercial services, Loop Mobile has started services only in Mumbai while Videocon has launched mobile services in only in five of the 22 circles. Even Uninor and S Tel, the other new entrants, have failed to meet all their rollout obligations. Many new entrants did not bid for 3G and broadband spectrum. All this are tell-tale signs that consolidation has started in the minds of companies.

Consolidation has also started in the minds of consumers. Even in this crowded market, six operators now bagged the almost whole of the revenue market share, indicating that customers have learnt to recognise bigger, established, stronger, and better brands. The increase in minutes of usage for larger mobile companies is a testimony to the fact that only certain players are present in the minds of consumer. The top 3 Telcos have registered increases in the minutes of usage in the quarter.

Increase in minute of usage (Q2,2010 verses Q1, 2010)
Airtel 3%
Idea 13%
Vodafone 10%

Uninor, STel, Loop, Etisalat DB, Videocon, and Sistema collectively added less than 12% of 18 million customers in June. This is in sharp contrast to last year’s numbers when Uninor added a million users within 30 days of launch. STel managed to clock one million subscribers in 90 days from three small circles. The new entrants together account for less than 3% of India’s 600 million mobile users.

With 10 million and more subscriptions happening per month, The Indian Telecom Market is the largest growing Telecom market in the world. However, Telco after Telco have made the mistake of entering the Indian Market without a proper and thought through strategy.

What else one need than a reclining chair by the side of a beach and a mug of chilled beer? Some of you may say a hot blonde; well keep your perverted minds out for a while. Chilled beer coupled with the tender blows of sea breeze will give you shivers down your spine and you feel like walking on the air. The soothing sound of the vibrant sea waves feels nothing less than a symphony. The experience is heightened when you are in the company of your best pals. There is no denying the fact that the moments are picture perfect and the experience can only be called in Barney Stinson words as legendary.

In this moment of bliss, whether it is the alcohol or the charm of the breeze, you can’t resist your mind wandering and portraying pictures of your seemingly glorious future. In this picturesque portrayal you own a beach house. The picture of the beach house is complete with a barbeque, wherein you cook your own catch. A pool table, a minibar, a heated pool, a mini golf course and a sports car adds few more stars to your beach house.

Such a mind blowing photo of the perfect house eventually starts turning into that of the dream home and you starts missing that someone special or may be many more specials. You start missing the tender touch, the soothing smell, and those intimate moments of yours. You are then absorbed by the comforting imagination of a walk down the beach with sea waves gently playing with bare feet of you both. You close your eyes to make the moment an eternal one, guess what, you see that someone right there ready to embrace you with her open arms. She looks like an angle bearing her loving smile, with her silk like hairs flowing with the breeze. You just extent your hands to touch her and realises that she is not there. You start missing her more. This missing is the most engrossing feeling having tints of desire, love, pleasure, helplessness, and many more complex emotions experienced by us mortals. Such bouquet of mixed feelings brings a smile on your face with a streak of sadness within. The feeling of sadness disguised within the smile makes you crave more, but out of your helplessness you end up quenching your thirst with that leftover beer.

Taking admission in a government institute (most coveted IIMs or IITs) is not that easy. The conquest doesn’t end just at clearing the entrance exam, preparation for which has kept you devoid of worldly pleasures and sound sleeps. Some slogs to the limit that their body yells for blood transfusions. However, the state of eternal bliss which you experience after making into one of these institute makes you forget all the hardship which you had gone through. But the feeling of being at the top of the heaven doesn’t last long.

My euphoria came to an end, when I had to fill up forms for one of these coveted institutes under tight deadlines. The formalities had their own peculiar requirements. You had to get god knows how many certificates attested (even multiple copies, over the fact that the originals were already verified), medical certificate prepared, affidavit from notary, etc., etc.

One of the special requirements for the coveted medical certificate was that it had to be prepared from civil surgeon or medical officer and it should have ‘round’ stamp of the government hospital. The instructions clearly stated certificate of a private practitioner would not be considered. Here the question is when a certificate prepared by private practitioners (even after proper tests) are not considered legitimate, why are they allowed to practice. Why were they even given licenses at the first place?

Well leave aside the debate of government and private. When it had to be prepared by a government hospital then it had to be, end of debate. I, who considered Google as an answer to all of my unanswered questions, searched for the government hospital near my house in Noida. Following the Google map, I reached the government hospital in sector 30. But, unfortunately I came to know that Google is not always right and the hospital is shifted to sector 39 due to on going construction work at sector 30 site.

Having no options left I turned my bike towards sector 39 hospital. Reaching the hospital, I parked my bike. As soon as I parked, a man appeared out of the blue and wrote my bike’s registration number on a slip and handed over the slip to me. One of the disadvantages of living in a metro city is that you have been offered parking slips every time you park your vehicle, even at the remotest location of the city, contrary to my home town where you can park at your own free will and free of cost. Moreover, the charges varies from parking to parking, a wonderful fact is that you have to pay Rs. 5 for parking in sector 18 market near McDonalds, while it is Rs. 10 when you part near The Centerstage Mall, just 50 steps from McDonalds.

Anyhow, I pocketed the slip and walked towards the chief medical officer’s office. There, I told the peon about the certificate and he asked me to wait. After some fifteen minutes of waiting, the peon introduced me to a medical officer, about 30-32 years of age, who took my format of the certificate and asked me to follow him. I followed him like a sheep. When we reached near his cabin, he ushered me in, neglecting the folks waiting outside his cabin. The people waiting outside his cabin gave me disgusting looks, some of them might had uttered some unceremonious words, for breaking the queue. I, gave them a lame look, conveying ‘What can I do?’ through my smuged face.

Inside his cabin, I sat on a stool near the medical officer’s chair. He examined my eyes, ear, and mouth with utmost disinterest, and asked me whether I had hydorcele. I replied with negative gesture of my face with a streak of embarrassment on my face. He then filled, signed and stamped the form. I was startled looking at the form; it wore a rectangular stamp instead of the prescribed round stamp. Here my analytical mind came to my rescue and I quenched my own anxiety thinking that what difference does it makes, the stamp has doctor’s name, designation and the address of the hospital. What else a hospital seal should have? Thanks to my analytical mind; otherwise, I would also have gone crazy as one of my colleagues has gone over the round stamp.

All these sequences led to the main incident, which has inspired me to write this post. As soon as the medical officer handed my certificate, I just stood up, with utmost happiness and hurry and said thank you and extended my hand for a hand shake. The officer ignored my extended hand and said 120 and started looking in other direction. I felt embarrassed again, but curtailing my embarrassment, I said “deta haun pehle haath to mila lo”. Hearing my blunt comment, he shook hands with me and congratulated me for my admission to the hallowed portals. I gave him the coveted 120 (one lush green 100, straight out of ATM and two soiled 10, which might have been exchanged atleast 100 times each) and again thanked him for the certificate. While I was leaving his cabin, I was thinking only one thing- Is the hospital really government? How different and illegitimate would a private hospital certificate would be over the one in my hands?  Later, I found out that I was among the fortunate few and that some of my colleagues had paid as much as 400 for the similar government hospital round stamp.

The drama doesn’t end here, when I reached the parking lot, I put my finger into the small right side pocket (the one above the long one) of my jeans to retrieved the parking slip, guess what, it wasn’t there. Not finding the slip, I started fumbling with my pockets and turning each one inside out. After few minutes of struggle, I found the slip in the same small pocket, which I searched in the first place. What a moron I am? After finding the slip, I glanced over it for the parking charges, I knew from my experience there are different charges for different parking slots. The slip shows Rs. 5 for a two-wheeler, I took out Rs. 5 coin from my wallets and handed it over to the parking guy. The parking guys was bewildered and said “saat rupeya bahiya”¸ I showed him the slip and said, “is per to paach rupeya likha hain”, to that he replied, “ab saat ho gaya hai who purani parchi hain us per likhna bhool gaya”, to my surprise he look the slip and wrote seven on it. I said OK and took back my coin and handed him a Rs. 10 note. He returned two one rupee coins and said “ek rupeya nahi hain”. I pocked the two coins and turned on the ignition of my bike and drove away.

On my way home, I was thinking what’s the difference between the medical officer (an MBBS) and the parking guys (may be 12 pass) both being corrupt; just the former sits in an air conditioned cabin.

While chatting with a friend over gtalk, I came to know that he has just got into a relationship and he has a girlfriend. The world girlfriend excited me and my inquisitive mind started digging deep into his relationship. How they met (a new series is in pipeline 🙂 ), what she does, what’s her name, blah blah, were some of the questions, I bombarded him with. After chatting for a while, I came to the conclusion that my dear friend had gone; he has become a victim of so-called incurable disease called “LOVE”. Not only he has become a victim but also he is senti (common college slang for sentimental) over her. He denied my conclusion of being senti arguing that he is not a rona-dhone (crying-cribbing) type of guy and he isn’t senti over her. Later during the course of the discussion and after a series of arguments, he confessed that he is confused about being senti. In order to get his mind out of his dilemma, I put him through my proprietary so-called “Senti–Test”.

Friends before taking you through the Senti-test, let me first make the meaning of the word senti associated with the Senti-test clear. Here senti doesn’t mean you are gone crazy, or you are mad in love. Neither does it mean you are a rona-dhone type of person, nor does it means you are going to kill someone for her. Senti here means that the roots of the relation (even one-sided) are so deep that, if you are separated (I don’t like to use the word break-up), for what ever the reason, which I pray senti people should not, you will take considerable time to get over her, provided the void is not filled up with an alternative (friends notice the word alternative). This considerable time may vary from three months to entire lifetime.

So folks let me take you through the Senti-test. In this test you have to answer few questions keeping in mind the cute face of her, which you always find cute, even if she isn’t cute at all :P. The situations described in these questions may not be applicable to you, or you may not have faced them yet, if so, try to put yourself into these situation and answer these questions truly.

 Question 1: Do you think about her before going to bed or while in bed before falling asleep on a daily basis?

 Question 2: Do you anticipate a call from her even if you know that the person cannot or will not call you at that very hour?

 Question 3: Do you think of growing old with her (old here doesn’t mean growing octogenarian, but you think and imagine yourself with her 10 years down the life)? A typical dream can be you both sitting on a sofa hand in hand (rest you may imagine yourself) watching movie on a home theater, munching popcorn in a glass walled apartment.

Question 4: Do you feel offended when someone, generally your friends, calls her hottie, sexy, babe or anaphrodisiac, ugly?

Question 5: Do you feel bad or sad when she talks of some other guy in your presence or when you come to know that she was talking of someone else?

Question 6: Does your heartbeat increases on just a mention of her name or when you sometimes catch a glimpse of her or during a causal handshake? This generally happens when you have just met someone special. For those who are at a bit of higher comfort level with her, there heartbeat will increase during other intense interactions such as a hug or a kiss?

Question 7: Do you wake up at night while dreaming (or while having a nightmare :D) of her and you find yourself all sweaty?

So guys if your answer to the majority of the first six question is affirmative, then you are totally and truly senti over her. So folks those who haven’t expressed their feeling yet, please do it considering the situation as an SOS, or there is a high probability of getting stuck up in so-called “Good Friend” category. For those who are in internal dilemma and giving a thought over the future of the relationship, stop thinking, she is the One.

But, if your answer to the last question is also affirmative, then rethink; you are moving in a different direction, which may not be categorized as love.

Guys and girls please post your comments. Next post of this series will be for girls on how catch fraudulent guys, who are claiming to be senti over you.

Disclaimer: the contents of this blogpost are not entirely my personal views, the contents can be considered as a collection of views and ideas of lots of people I came across in my life. Even though I have tried to generalize the questions/situations, but if anyone can relate any of the above mentioned questions/situation with their personal experience; I request these people, in advance, to forgive me for any copy right violation. People can post there grievances through a comment or can directly right to me at

Yesterday I received a call from Bharti AXA Life Insurance, the telecaller was trying to sell me some life insurance products. The telecaller was marketing his products using the springboard of Uncertainty of life. Even though none of his arguments were able to convince me to buy any of his products, but the word “Uncertainty” rendered me thinking.

Googling about the insurance sector, I came across a report published by India PRwire, which states that the Indian life insurance market generated total revenues of $41.36 billion in 2007, the revenues may reach to a value of $65.96 billion by the end of 2011.[]. These figures provide some insight into the cost associated with uncertainty.

While thinking about uncertainty and insurance sector, I zeroed to the very fundamental question: Why one buys an insurance product? The answer was quite simple, to mitigate future uncertainties, and secure ones future from ill effects of uncertainty. Whole of the insurance sector is thriving on this word uncertainty. Thinking even deeper I realized that not only the insurance sector, but whole of the financial sector is eating of this very uncertainty. What does the financial analysts, I-bankers or other financial industry professionals do? They just try to bridge the gap between this uncertainty and its counterpart certainty using various financial models and tools, conducting various fundamental and technical analysis. They just try to predict the future valuation of an asset, which is an outcome of the response of world comprising millions towards this asset.

Digging even more, I realize that not just the financial sector, if you look around, you would realize that everyone in this world is eating of this very uncertainty. Just think of a situation that if you know with certainty that your fever will go in 2 days on its own, will you ever consult a doctor? If human response to various situation can be predicted with certainty, will there be anything called psychology. I being a Patent professional thrive on the uncertainty of whether a patent will be granted or not, whether a patent will be invalidated by a competitor, or does a product infringe a patent or not. These are the uncertainties, which I try to conquer. Biggest gambler in the game of this uncertainty is an Astrologer, who tries to predict the most uncertain thing: The Future. The Future is something absolutely uncertain which no statistical model or tread analysis can predict.

Looking into the life of world’s well known and successful entrepreneurs, one can contemplate that all of them have made one or the other uncertainty, a less uncertain. Bill Gates of Microsoft had addressed the uncertainty, which exists in 1990s, of user-friendly operating system. Larry Page and Sergey Brin of Google had made uncertainty associated with effective search and retrieval of information a less uncertain. Same is the case with Orkut and Facebook which had brought people closer and mitigated the uncertainty of meeting long lost high school sweetheart. Last but not the least Warren Buffett, the legendry investor, had made his fortune fighting against the uncertainties of investments.

All of this points to the fact that “Where there is an uncertainty these is a professional”. And a successful professional is one who makes the world a pinch less of uncertain. So all aspiring entrepreneurs just look around and try to spot uncertainties. If you can spot one unidentified uncertainty before any other can, you can be the next Bill Gates.

A thought provoking question, just imagine a certain world, where you can see everything in Black and White. Where you can predict everything, even your CAT results, would you have gone through the trauma associated with CAT- 2009? Whether that telecaller had ever called me?

Dil Se

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This one is for someone special…

“Haadsaa Ban Ke Koi Khwaab Bikhar Jaaye Tou Kya Ho? Waqt Jazbaat Ko Tabdeeel  Nahin  Kar Saktaa…Door Ho Jaane Se Ehsaas Nahin Mit Sakta.. Yeh Mohabbat Hai Dilon Ka  Rishtaa!! Yeh Mohabbat Hai Dilon Ka Rishta ..Jo Mulkon Ki Tarah Sarhadon Mein Tasneem  Nahin Ho Saktaa..Tujse Roshan Hai Mere Khwaab Meri Raaten Meri Ummeedden, Tu  Kahee Bhi Rahey, Mere Har Rang Main  Shamil Tu Hain !! Tu Kisi Air Ki Raaton Ka Haseen  Khwaab Sahee…………Main Jis Raah Se Guzroon Meri  Manzil – Tu Hai!!!! Tu Hai!!!! Tu Hai!!!!”